Cuisine créative maison

Welcome to BK

Welcome to the BK in Montagnac!

Restaurant BK testet & recommanded by Herault What's on: "New owners have transformed this place in the heart of the town.  The building is still stunning but the food is - well - exciting - clever - innovative - tasty and - well it is a delight"

Ideally situated in the historic town center, our restaurant enables you to appreciate the carefully preserved authenticity of this quaint village. The vaulted dining hall dates to the 14th century, and its exposed stonework and design welcome you with an atmosphere that is both warm and authentic.

In the kitchen, the chef invites you to sample her distinctly creative and home-made cuisine, tastefully accented by select beers. For your enjoyment, we propose products of exceptional quality, such as Aberdeen Black Angus from the pastures of Scotland, beef from the Simmental cattle of Bavière, freshly caught fish, crustaceans, French game meats, and, subject to availability, a variety of exotic meats. The menu varies constantly in accordance with availability and daily inspiration.

Your host, a connaisseur of beers and an enthusiast of wines, will guide you through our richly varied and international cellars to discover the perfect beverage to match your meal, offering you a choice of grand crûs, vintages, personal favorites, and rarities. Always in search of the best offerings, our cellar varies in accordance with the seasons and our discoveries. Our range of wines is complemented by a large selection of beers, including, among others, the rare, the experimental, and the exceptional